Our‍‍‍ History


Raym-Co., Incorporated was founded in 1977 in a small barn in Farmington, CT by a man named Bill Raymond, hence the name Raym-Co., and was initially called Raym-Co., Plastics. In 1978, Bill asked Randy Artibani, a young man he had known from working at Eastern Plastics, to join him in the business. After 10 years with Eastern, Randy was the foreman of the Bridgeport department, and he made the decision to leave and join Raym-Co., Plastics. Randy and Bill began working together and soon they started to outgrow the barn, so they leased a 12,500 square foot building in Bristol, CT. As business continued to increase, they added machines and began branching out from just plastics into aluminum, copper, brass, and ferrous and non-ferrous materials. In 1984, Randy’s wife Sarah, who had been doing the accounting for the business since the beginning, joined the company full time and began dealing with customers and running machines when needed.In 1991, Bill decided to get out of the business; Randy bought him out and changed the name in 1996 to Raym-Co., Incorporated, as they were no longer just machining plastics. Raym-Co., Inc. continued to thrive and grow to meet the changing times and market demands in their building in Bristol.In June of 2007, the business was growing so much that there was little space left to walk through the shop, so Randy began looking for another building. Raym-Co., Incorporated moved into a 35,000 square foot building in June of 2007, back in Farmington, CT, where it had all begun.


In February of 2016, Randy passed away and Sarah moved from VP of Sales to become President of the company. Brandon, their son who had been with the company for 18 years, moved up to join her a‍‍‍s VP of Operations.In the past two years, Raym-Co., Incorporated has grown from about 30 employees to 55, has renovated the plant, and has put in 31 new machines.  Our focus continues to be on being industry leaders committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology, while maintaining our core values of quality, personal customer service, and dependability.


Raym-Co., Incorporated continues to look for effective and efficient ways to meet our customer’s needs, while maintaining our strong foundation, and are currently planning for an addition to the building as we continue to grow with our customer’s demands and strive to remain on the forefront of precision machining. We are looking towards new markets, innovative ideas, new technology, and expanding our capabilities and the services that we provide. We look forward to working with customers new and old as we continue to provide the highest quality, tight-tolerance, precision machining.